WhatsApp resumed attempts to “persuade” users to update

WhatsApp resumed attempts to “persuade” users to update

The WhatsApp blog has released new information on preparations for updates to the messenger’s privacy policy.

Due to massive dissatisfaction with the addition of a clause on the transfer of data of messenger users to Facebook to the agreement, WhatsApp decided to postpone updates to its privacy policy until May 2021.

Since then, the messenger has lost tens of millions of users, while Telegram, on the contrary, has grown in audience against this background and even allowed the export of chats from other messengers, including WhatsApp.

“We know that some of our competitors unreasonably claim that they do not have access to their users’ messages. Others claim the superiority of their applications on the grounds that they require less information from users than WhatsApp, ”the messenger representatives clarify in a blog and advise choosing applications with end-to-end encryption by default.

WhatsApp representatives on the blog recalled that they faced “a lot of misinformation about this update,” and therefore decided to renew efforts to explain the essence of the upcoming changes.

“Over the next weeks, a banner with additional information will appear in WhatsApp, which our users will be able to familiarize with at their own pace,” the message says. Reminders to accept or reject the new rules will appear after the banner is released.