“Your mom’s favorite messenger”

Year of launch: 2010

User IDs used: phone number

Supported Platforms: Android, BlackBerryOS, iOS, Symbian, Windows Phone, Bada, Windows, OS X and Linux

Declared security: the messenger uses SSL encryption of the communication channel, and SHA-256RSA is used for confirmation certificates.

Verification of contacts is provided, which allows you to synchronize keys with the interlocutor

What data does it collect: email, phone number, country, city, age, interests, photos.

The Viber user agreement notes that the user’s personal information can be disclosed not only at the request of the court and supervisory authorities, but also for those third parties who may help carry out the activities of the service.

Advantages: of the features – a special panel for business chats (messages from companies), a news feed such as Yandex.Dena, groups for online purchases, payment of utility bills and other payments.

What users are talking about: Complaints about missing sound about messages sent and during a conversation, as well as spam and pop-up ads.

Events: German computer security specialist Tommy Misk said the messenger monitors text information in the iPhone and iPad clipboard and called it a “critical vulnerability.”

Last June, Rakuten Viber officially announced that it was ending all business contacts with Facebook due to privacy violations.

Disadvantages: Advertising mailings, low prevalence. If you are a young user from Russia, you are unlikely to find your friends there.