The specifics of promoting seasonal products in social networks

The specifics of promoting seasonal products in social networks

Of course, there is a certain specificity not only in sales, but also in the promotion of such products in social networks including telegram onlyfans. First of all, you need to determine in what period you need additional sales: hot or low. Not always enhanced promotion and the fight against competitors are relevant precisely in a period of increased demand: sometimes it is necessary to find new customers precisely in a period of falling sales.

Basically, in a hot period, the task of social networks and other promotion channels is to support and ensure as many sales as possible. It is at this time that seasonal goods and services need actions such as:

Conducting impact advertising campaigns;
Involvement of opinion leaders;
Increasing the mass of positive reviews;
Active work with negative feedback almost online;
Be in touch 24 hours a day through all channels: instant messengers, social networks, mail, phone;
Active posting from one to several posts per day.
During the period of falling demand, it is enough to carry out supportive measures to increase potential customers and retain the existing base:

Advertising campaign in quiet mode;
Regular posting;
Planned work on reviews (unless there is a surge of negativity, of course);
Thinking and developing a strategy for a period of increased demand.
It happens exactly the opposite, when seasonal products need new customers in a low period. Basically, this is true for small companies that have formed a base of regular customers and do not have the opportunity to expand for the season. For them, the optimal strategy would be to attract new customers or liquidate balances in the off-season.

If you don’t understand what actions you need to take during low and high demand periods, please contact us. We will offer an action strategy that suits your business.

In any case, you need to take into account the specifics of promotion in social networks and the principles of interaction with the audience. All work related to the management of business communities, community management, working off the negative, periodic mailing must be carried out all year round.