How to secure a Telegram message in a group and why do it?

How to secure a Telegram message in a group and why do it?

The key advantage of Telegram is the convenience and security of communication and lara diabla – it is them that the messenger owes much of its popularity. However, in addition to complete data security, the application is also characterized by a rich functionality, in particular, the ability to create a channel and communicate in it with both acquaintances and strangers, share text information, send photos, video and audio files.

Chat, group, and other tools for communicating on Telegram
As of today, the popular messenger offers the following tools for communication:

Closed groups with no more than 200 people. The purpose of such groups is to communicate with people who know each other. These can be groups of classmates, classmates, workmates, tenants of the same entrance or house, and so on. Everyone who is a member of a group has the right to add participants, and to join a conversation you need to submit an application to participate.
Supergroups – a group of any theme, with a large number of participants (from 200 to 5 thousand people), uniting people for acquaintances, communication on a chosen topic, etc. As a rule, posts in such groups are moderated by several administrators, whose duties include ensuring order. Administrators have a wider range of tools at their disposal – they can clean the chat, monitor the number of subscribers, send pinned messages, which are above all others in the most prominent place.
Channels – communities on specific topics where news and other relevant information is published. To follow updates in the communities, you need to subscribe to them. Notably, subscribers can only read and comment on posts (if comments are allowed by the admins), but are not allowed to leave messages.
Secret chats are a separate tool for private communication. They are protected by a strong encryption protocol, the information published in such chats is inaccessible to outsiders, it is stored only on the Android devices of participants and is deleted if one deletes data from his or her phone. If necessary, information can also be deleted using the timer function.
To communicate in Telegram by sending and receiving text messages is very convenient, this function has already been appreciated by millions of users from all over the world. A useful innovation of the messenger is the ability to secure the message. About how to do this, we will talk below.

Useful function of anchoring messages in Telegram: why do we need it?
Before we talk about how to create a pinned message, first of all, let us note why this function is provided at all. The specified option is quite useful, it allows you to highlight important data, draw attention to them, and make the required information available to all users of the group or channel.

As a rule, fix a message with important news, which should be conveyed to all members of the community. Answering the question of how to secure the message in Telegram, it should be noted that there are several simple manipulations (we will consider them in details below) that will help you to secure the message. The pinned part of the conversation will be above the rest, and it will not move down, even after the updates appear in the channel.

Warning. Only supergroup administrators have the right to create pinned conversations, ordinary participants will not have this option.

The pinned post is displayed at the top of the chat, on top of the rest of the conversation, to catch the eye. This post has certain features:

The blue highlighting at the top, indicating that it is pinned.
Clicking on the pinned post takes the user to the part of the conversation where the original pinned post is located.
You can pin anything: text, image, video, audio, etc.

How to dock a message in Telegram from various devices
The procedure to make a recording secure is as follows:

enter Telegram;
open the chat (channel);
find the post you want to pin;
tap it and hold for a few seconds to open a submenu;
choose the corresponding item;
tap “Done”.

You can also use the PC version of the messenger, the capabilities of which are no worse than in the mobile version, to lock and, accordingly, to remove the pinned message from the dialog.

Here’s what you need to do:

start the program;
find the required channel or dialog on the left side of the screen
find the desired message;
click the fragment with the right mouse button (for Windows users);
press Control and click on the touchpad (for MacOS users);
After the actions described above, a submenu opens in which you should select the appropriate option;
Click the button again to confirm the operation.

How do I return a pinned message to its place? Step-by-step recommendations
Sooner or later it becomes necessary to unsubscribe a message due to irrelevance of the information contained therein. It can be done as follows:

Click or tap with left mouse button on an attachment;
wait for the context menu to appear;
Click “Unmount”.
It is important to note that the pinned message can be detached automatically, or, if necessary, it can be easily replaced with a new one, using the above instructions.