How to get Telegram subscribers interested

How to get Telegram subscribers interested

Offer feedback via Telegram chat about caldo de pollo telegram. For example, so that users can get advice on a product: how to choose if they have not bought it yet, how to use it if they have already bought it, and other questions that they may have.
For greater efficiency, you can integrate chat with a CRM system so that all questions immediately become tasks, and you can control their implementation by status.

Offer useful content from experts if your task is to form a positive image of your company, “warm up” the audience if you offer a product with a long purchase cycle.
For example, the Yagla Telegram channel shares interesting case studies, life hacks, and expert materials on internet marketing, contextual advertising, targeting, and increasing website conversions.

Create a communication platform where your users can communicate and ask questions.
Even if you have subscribers, this does not mean that constructive communication will immediately begin. Especially at first, you will have to track spam and conflict situations. Either manually, if the audience is small, or with the help of moderator bots, for example, ChatKeeperBot.